A daughter’s journey with her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Okay, here I go! Been wanting or should say needing to do this for some time now.

So will give you a bit of background. My father is now 87. Was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, mild to moderate, with a vascular component a couple of years ago. My mother is no longer living. She passed away two days after my Dad turned 65. But that is another story.

Myself, I work in long term care, at a government facility. I love my job and the place where I work. And wouldn’t you know it, I work on the dementia unit! Used to work in another province in a teaching hospital and never thought that I’d work in a long term care setting. Today, I wouldn’t change a thing.

So the point of my blog is to document my experience. And to get so many thoughts out of my head and on to paper. Maybe they will make more sense that way. And also I want to reach out and connect with others who are in the same or a similar situation. I do realize that we each have our own unique circumstances but overall feel there is a need for support.

This blog will share the issue of moving my Dad from living on his own to move into a community care place. That is my next hurdle that I face with him. I’m the middle of 5 siblings. I’m the only one living in this province. My husband, God love him, and I moved here almost 6 years ago. My goal then was to support my father in his old age.  My Dad does not have a support system. This is by choice. He is a loner and values his independence. However, being alone and having Alzheimer’s does not bode well with wanting to lead a solitary life.

Well, that seems easy enough. Just did a preview. Now should I save as a draft or hit the publish button.


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