A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

So I got this blog started. This is post #2. Lots to explore and decisions to make. But it is a beginning.

It’s Friday evening. Hubby and I just had supper. Easy since it was leftovers. Doing laundry. Going to head out tomorrow for a weekend getaway. Just an overnight. So need to get the pugs ready, get packed, etc.

My older brother should be coming here this weekend to visit with my Dad. So that is great! Really appreciate him doing so. Monday afternoon, my Dad will have another assessment done by a geriatric specialist. This gets done at his apartment which is so convenient. It’s hard to get him out to appointments, especially this winter.

Recently he had trips to the dentist. First one, he had X-rays done and a couple of teeth pulled. Next appointment, 2 weeks later, was to take impressions in order to get work done on his partial plate. Then there was a second trip to redo those impressions. Finally, several weeks later, he went back to pick up the completed partial.

So glad that is all over. My Dad did not like not having his partial gone. And it was for his front teeth. Guess he found it hard to eat but ….what else could have been done. Last summer he said there was a problem with the partial and the fit. Guess that was when he broke the first tooth. Then in the New Year he broke a front tooth. So that prompted the dental visit. Luckily both my husband and I go to the local dentist, just around the corner here in town. He is a young guy, married, just a new dad and is one of the best dentists I’ve ever had. So it was not a problem to get an appointment for my Dad on an emergency basis. And he only charged 80% of his regular fee since my Dad has no benefits. Very decent of him, I think.

So now I know that my Dad has his teeth in order. And his hearing aid he got a year ago. That was after his old one fell on the floor and shattered into many pieces. In that case, I had taken him 6 months earlier for testing, etc. but he had decided not to purchase at that time. At least the leg work had already been done so it was just a matter of placing the order.

Now if Dad would only wear the hearing aid. He lives alone so why bother I guess. When there is a visit, it necessities a little walk to get the hearing aid, check the battery and put it in his ear. And he wants to know how  long I’m staying in order to determine if it is worth putting in his ear!

He wants to not waste his batteries. He only got 5 years worth with his purchase although not sure if we took all 5 years worth home with us. The hearing place recommends changing the battery once a week. Of course, working in a long term care facility, I did know that. However my father, in his wisdom, figures that can not be accurate so he aims for two weeks or longer.

Well folks, thanks for reading and listening to my ramblings. Time to continue on with my evening. And to call my father so he knows that we will be away for a couple days but that my brother is coming. Of course, all is weather permitting.


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