A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Well, it’s Saturday of Easter Weekend. Getting off to a late start today. it’s almost noon. Was up earlier for awhile. Ate breakfast, etc. but ended up crawling back into bed for a couple more hours.

My brother and his girlfriend are arriving later today. Think that we might end up going out for supper. April is Burger love month here so a local restaurant has one featured on their menu. The other evening, hubby and I went into town and had a delicious burger at the race track and then went to a movie. It was a great date night and long overdue.

My sister, has sent me an email. Asking about my brother and I discussing Dad’s situation this weekend. She lives in Ottawa so is too far away to visit at the moment. After getting new information from the geriatric specialist the beginning of the week, I am eager to share with the siblings. They are probably still thinking that it is only a matter of finding a community care spot for my Dad and then moving him. Little do they know, that community care is no longer an option. It seems that my Dad will have to go into long term care in a locked unit.

This coming week, I will be contacting Home Care. Have done so in the past so actually it will be a reconnecting. I know that this is the help that is needed to get my Dad on his way to moving into long term care. As I have already decided, and my husband agrees, come the end of June, I will no longer be doing groceries, or laundry for my Dad. Things have changed for him and he is in need of more help than I can provide. The tough part is knowing that he is not going to agree to this and that is when the entire situation gets more complicated.

Well, onward with my day. Tomorrow is Easter and we will be having a seafood stew, some rolls or biscuits and other items. I’m thinking of making some muffins, some fudge and also some cookies. Plus see what our guests may bring along.

Thanks for reading!


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