A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Friday a.m. and hubby and I are heading out for a weekend off island. Thinking I already wrote about this yesterday.

Home Care intake worker phoned me yesterday. Spent one hour talking with her. It was a very detailed, honest conversation. They sure cover all the bases. We discussed hearing, vision, eating, mobility, etc. And I filled her in on my fear that my Dad’s verbal outbursts will escalate.

I had stopped by yesterday afternoon to drop off a pair of jeans that I had taken to be shortened. He had been okay with that. But then didn’t want me taking a second pair of cords. When he looked at the pants, he asked where they had come from and why I had them. And that he hadn’t wanted them shortened. He was yelling and carrying on. I had to say to him that he had to stop and that he had approved getting that pair done. That was when he took a closer look and stated that he was thinking about the other pair.

For Easter, I had bought him a short sleeve polo shirt for summertime. When I gave that to him, he said that he didn’t need it and that he has lots of clothing and doesn’t go anywhere anyway. He went on to say that I was wasting my money. My Dad has clothing that needs to be replaced!

I then said that I had to head home because I had groceries in the car. It was only a couple items but I sure was not going to stay and visit. Actually Dad was heading back from the mailbox when I arrived there. And he had planned on going for a bit more of a walk, he said.

I was upset and muttering to myself when I left. And came home and said to my husband that it is getting harder and harder to be with my Dad at times. I did tell Dad that we were heading to Halifax today to visit my Aunt Rita, his sister. Hopefully he understood. He is okay for groceries. My brother checked that out last weekend.

Sleep last night was very disruptive. A change of scenery should be helpful.

Thanks to those of you reading. Putting words to paper does help me.



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