A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Wednesday already. I have a cold so have not been doing much. Having said that, I had a chiropractor appointment on Monday and came home with my rotator cuff taped on my right shoulder. Seems to be helping. And I also went to a Dr.’s appointment on Monday afternoon. So looking after some health issues.

And yesterday I had a massage in the afternoon! Thank goodness for having benefits. Might as well use them.The massage was excellent as per usual.

Was out last night for supper with co-workers celebrating one of the girls turning 40! it was a great time. Glad I went despite not feeling great. This is my second cold in 6 weeks. Not usual for me.

In terms of my Dad, I’m waiting for the next phone call from Home Care. They will be going to his place to assess him. This is a follow-up to my phone call with them last week. Had supper with brother #1 and his girlfriend in Halifax on Saturday evening, so filled him in on the latest. My brother wants to have a look at what a long term care room would be like. Offered to show him my workplace at any time.

Also called brother #2 but both he and his daughter were sick so didn’t visit them. Probably won’t see them until summertime. And stopped to visit sister #1 and brother-in-law on the way home. Got to meet their new dog, a little cutie. I don’t believe my sister mentioned a word about my Dad. Not unusual but…..

Hubby called my Dad last evening to check on him. Phone was busy so maybe off the hook. And there was no answer earlier this a.m. I’m thinking  that Dad probably needs milk, bread, etc. Will call again later. Dad is probably still in bed.

So think I will continue to rest and shake this cold of mine. Sun is shining. Blue skies. Did see quite a few robins yesterday. And lots of geese in the farmer’s fields as well. Snow is melting. Feels so awesome to say that!

Talk later. And blessings to those who are dealing with parents or spouses with this disease of Azheimer’s.


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