A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimer’s

Well, it is now noon. Leaving home soon for my appointment with Alzheimer’s Society. Definitely need to talk with someone and today is the day.

Earlier this a.m., Home Care was here. We spoke re my Dad and his current needs. And now the process is in place for him to be going into long term care in the coming months. Paperwork, etc. is all done.

Next steps will be to notify my siblings re above and for them to wrap their heads around the situation. As I’ve said before, I work in long term care, government facility and I work on the dementia unit which I love. And yet, this is still a difficult but I realize necessary step.

Moving Dad needs to be done. As of the end of June, I am no longer available or able to continue with the care that I have been doing. Hubby is awaiting surgery and will have a sling on his arm for 4 to 6 weeks. Plus with two small dogs, a house and two vehicles, etc., etc…… Life is busy.

So busy days are ahead. Just realizing that RN didn’t talk about having to visit my Dad in the near future. So maybe that doesn’t need to happen just yet. Guess I will email her and inquire.

Well, time to leave. My cold is still hanging on. But seems to be getting better. A nap would be in order later today. And its Thursday so its Greys Anatomy. And of course, hockey playoffs are happening. Winnipeg Jets are playing Anaheim.

Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

Blessings on this gorgeous spring day. My flowers are starting to appear.


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