A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimers

Wow, almost a week since I last posted. Where does the time go. April is flying by. Snow is melting. Finally! My flowers are coming up in my front flower beds. Seeing more robins and geese all the time. Spring has sprung.

Nothing new to report. Had my appointment with the Alzheimers Society last week. It helped to review all that has been happening and to know that I have things on track. And it was wonderful to get some validation of all that my husband and I have done for my father. It actually has been a lot over the past few years.

It was also emotionally draining to have this appointment. And to think of so many people who are dealing with a parent or spouse with this Alzheimers disease. It seems that a person can get so involved in dealing with issues that there is very little opportunity to reach out and get support from others at times.

However, the support is there for sure. I’ve nothing but positive to say about Home Care and my dealings with them. Also my hubby is a tremendous support to me. And I couldn’t do this without him. Neighbors, friends, co-workers are also helpful in asking how things are going and in offering support. I’m thankful for email and social media. So helpful to have Facebook to reach out to good friends who do not live handy.

Still battling my cold. Still spring cleaning. Still hanging in. Hubby has gone to get our pugs nails trimmed at the vet college. We actually can do our female ourselves but our male pug needs experienced staff so we end up getting both of them done at the same time. I did their baths yesterday so decided that I’d stay home and do some housework. And I’m making corn chowder, biscuits and maybe some muffins for supper.

Thanks for reading.



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