A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimers

Spoke with Home Care today. Needed to touch base, give an update on my father and clarify a few items.

So it’s waiting for a call on a bed this summer. And wondering what will happen first, a phone call or a crisis. Waiting for another assessment in June by the geriatrician. Waiting for brother #1 to advise me that he is going to be here this summer, which means he is taking leave from work, to be spending time with Dad.

Yesterday, was back to work for me which is full time hours, although a temporary position, in a long term care setting, on a dementia unit. Some of you readers will know this. New readers will now know this.

Waiting seems to be becoming a theme. My husband and I took Dad for his appointment at the eye surgeon. There was one turn around back home as he didn’t have his hearing aid in. I had checked that he was wearing his glasses and had his health card and wallet. After the appointment, Dad remarked that he thought he was having the actual cataract surgery that day. This made sense to me at that point because he had made a comment when heading out that he was glad it was the last time or the last trip.

That same day we had got a few grocery requests for him which we brought before the appointment. On the way home we made a stop at Tims for drinks for us and some chilli and a bun for him. It was for him to eat once home. Dad offered to take us out for lunch. He said he wasn’t hungry and I know that he prefers to eat at home.

Lobster season has opened so Dad is requesting a “feed” of lobster. Not really sure how many lobsters that translates to. Hubby has assured him that we will get some and deliver. This request will be easy to fill.

Today I stopped by to deliver his laundry. Checked his fridge and reminded him to cook the trout soon. He seems to be using an electric frying pan these days as well as the stove.

I also re-ordered his newspaper for another three months. As I write this, it has been another busy week.



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