A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimers

Monday evening of the May long weekend. I phoned Dad this afternoon to say hello. My brother, #2, was going to be here.  Dad couldn’t tell me if he was but said he had been talking to him. So I’m thinking that maybe he was since they don’t usually talk by phone. My brother would have been out at the homestead property. Dad made a comment as to his memory being not so good. This statement is becoming so common.

Hubby, myself and the pugs were out for a drive and walk on the beach. I mentioned lobster to Dad and he still was expressing interest so we made a quick stop and bought two cooked lobster . When I delivered them, he thought he had already had his supper of potatoes. I mentioned that he could still have some lobster if he was hungry later on. I know he isn’t eating much as he doesn’t have the energy to prepare his meals like he used to.

There were some unwashed dishes and unmade bed but nothing out of the ordinary. Dad loves Werther’s candies, the original ones. I noted that he only has one unopened package. He usually is well stocked on these. When I mentioned that he was low, he didn’t seem concerned. This leads me to believe he isn’t eating them as he has been. Another change. Usually it is one after meals, even when he has had dessert. Dad loves sweets and having his tea.

When at the local library last week, I got a few National Geographic magazines.. He mentioned how he enjoyed them as a kid as an uncle would bring them from the States. My father doesn’t have much education, maybe Grade 8, if that. He has always read the paper, and looked at an encyclopedia set that my parents purchased when we were young.

I reminded Dad that we would be going away the end of the week and of my work schedule beforehand. He needs some eggs so I will pick up some for him.

Glad that I stopped over. My availability is less now with being back to work. Dad does not know that I was off. I’m still worrying about him living alone as he does but……I’ve done all that I am able.

Worry, guilt, questioning, finding answers, is all part of this journey. It’s a consuming one for sure.


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