A Daughter’s Journey With Her Dad’s Alzheimers

Its been too long since my last posting. Hubby and I were away for almost a week. We had a great road trip to our nation’s capital city. Spending time with my sister and brother in law is always fun. Time seems to be going faster now that spring is here. My yard has dandelions and the flower bed has weeds.

At the moment, hubby is running some errands and shopping. One item he is getting is some Werthers for Dad. There was a phone message request last night. I take the request as a positive sign. Recently I noticed that he had only one unopened bag. This is a first for him and even when I mentioned it to him, he was not concerned. He likes to have a candy after his supper meal even though he has had dessert and tea!

Dad has lost weight. Not sure how much but I notice it with his belt tightened up on his jeans. Last weekend brother #1 and his girlfriend had Dad on his homestead property. They were cutting grass and weeding flowerbeds. There was a picture taken of Dad and my brother. Although I see my Dad on a regular basis, the picture really showed the recent weight loss and aging in his face.

Last night and today my thoughts are of aging and death. Working in long term care, is a definite factor in this. Having an elderly parent is as well along with being in my 50s and hubby in his 60s. Good health makes all the difference in the world.

So many thoughts are in my head but I’m unable to process them enough to comment further.


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