A Daughter’s Journey With Her Father’s Alzheimers

I realize my postings have decreased. Not that thoughts of my Dad have though. Home Care went to assess him a week ago yesterday. My brother was there for that visit/appointment. I was starting my night shifts so had opted out. Since I haven’t heard back from Home Care, I’ll get in touch with them this coming week.

The geriatrician will visit Dad on Monday. I’ve already told Dad about this but will still need to remind him again. Its been a few months since Dad was last seen. Last week Dad said to me how his memory is going but he is still able to take care of himself and cook his meals, etc. Lately, I’ve had this sinking feeling that he will definitely not be open to moving anywhere.

Mentally I’m tired of the thinking that I do. June is coming to an end and so will be my direct involvement. My brother has arranged his personal leave from work in order to spend time with Dad this summer. After getting a recent email, I questioned who was going to be giving the eye drops following Dad’s eye surgery for his cataract. My brother has to return to work for 2.5 weeks during the summer. Haven’t heard the final answer yet.

A weekend off for me. Hubby and I are heading out to check out some places now open for summer and to get some plants at a garden centre. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Wanting to enjoy the weather since we’ve waited so long for it to improve.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day so will be over to visit Dad and bring gifts. Have to decide re supper. He no longer seems to want to go out for a meal or even to come over to our place which is so close by.


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